These entry titles are silly. What is even sillier, is not telling you all who the people are that were featured in my latest reel. So without further ado(oh geesh), here are the names of the artists and work, in order of appearance:

1-Mizu Desierto–AmericanME
Promo for live theater performance
2-Kate Clark–A Small Disturbance
Promo for Bellevue Art Museum
3-Degenerate Art Ensemble–Underbelly
Haruko "Crow" Nishimura dancer
4-Etsuko Ichikawa–Echo at Satsop
Short Film
5-Thione Diop-Concerto for Talking Drum
From Sam Boshnack's Global Concerto Show
Promo for live theater performance
7-Etsuko Ichikawa–Echo at Satsop
Short Film
Dancer-Stephanie Lankton
9-Meshi Chavez–Rhinoceros
Dancer-Teresa Vanderkin
10-Degenerate Art Ensemble–Underbelly
Haruko "Crow" Nishimura dancer
11-DAE–Predator Songstress
Clip from film
12-DAE–Predator Songstress
Clip from live perforamnce
13-Deborah Valoma–Longing
Dancers-Victor Alexander & Yismari Ramos Tellez
14-Ahamefule J. Oluo–Now I'm Fine
Performance at On the Boards, Seattle,WA

15-Hand2Mouth Theatre-Pep Talk
Live theater performance
16-Estuko Ichikawa-Echo at Satsop
Short Film
17-Degenerate Art Ensemble–Underbelly
Haruko "Crow" Nishimura performer
18-The Silvering Path
Short Film, Mandy Greer performer
19-Midday Veil–Great Cold of the Night
Music Video Directed by Steven Miller
20-Amy Oneal–Opposing Forces
Live theater show
21-Lilienthal|Zamora–Never Finished
Installation @ Suyama Space, Seattle, WA
22-Yuri Kinoshita–Uzume
Installation @ Bellevue Art Museum
23-The Silvering Path
Short Film, Haruko Nishimura performer
24-Wobbly Dance–Waking the Green Sound
Short Film, Yulia Arakelyan performer
25-Etsuko Ichikawa–Radiating Echoes:What is Beautiful
Short Film
26-Olson Kundig–Agate Pass Cabin
Short Film
27-Crow Nishimura–Solo Practice
Short Film


Yes, all 3 of these came in this one fortune cookie, in that order. Lucky me!  

Yes, all 3 of these came in this one fortune cookie, in that order. Lucky me! 

I've been really lucky this year and half. Amazing, hard-working artists executed some of their most complex and highly-regarded pieces in their careers and I am grateful to have been part of these projects. But I also felt that I was neglecting my aging web site for that same length of time. I created a new reel almost 2 years ago and haven't really added more to my site since. Except for the growing completed project list in the "About" section, no new videos or blog entries had been posted to the site. Who even looked at that project list? I thought that could serve the purpose of an "update" till I got around to posting something more substantial. Nope. Never happened. Old thumbnails on the homepage still staring me in the face. Old projects that didn't really represent what I was interested in or working on at the time. I used Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter to sorta fulfill these needs of keeping everyone up-to-date, but it wasn't really cohesive. They each served different audiences, which can be good if not everyone was on any one platform.

But it is super tedious to upkeep all that. I used Instagram as my start point and pushed/shared to all my other social spots. But Twitter never really translated the posts well nor did sharing other people's IG posts. Anyway I'm gonna take a stab at using my web site as the new starting point for as many of the social stuffs as possible. Also going back to actual blogging, not reblogging, is gonna change a lot of the way I consume or share content that interest me. Tumblr makes it way too easy to simply reblog something pretty without writing my own thoughts about why I thought so.

So... more specific and focused content on my part and less rubbish which just becomes added noise. I'm hoping better management of my content on the interwebs will support the creation of new ideas. It might be a little more work on my part but hard work is what got me rad gigs. Maybe it's not luck. If it was actual luck, then I'd be devaluing the work and not giving enough credit to the artists and people that helped make things happen. Everyone worked hard to create what you see in these films. Everyone. Yeah, it definitely wasn't luck. 


 LLR Station, Seattle, Wa

A redesign coming soon. Skate or Die, every time I see someone on a skateboard, I half-serious say that out loud. The new site will have insight into my background as a filmer and editor. My roots come from skateboarding. From my favorites, Stacy Peralta early Bones Brigade videos, Dan Wolfe's B&W Eastern Exposure, to Tony Roberts surf fisheye-look in Speed Freaks to today's filmers - Mike Aldape's aka.#drpurpleteeth's low-as-a-grave-style to Colin Kennedy's beautiful work in the short "FORM" - all are still very relevant to me. BTW! Have you seen Volcom's latest film "Holy Stokes" directed by Russell Houghten yet? YOU.NEED.TO.SEE.IT.