These entry titles are silly. What is even sillier, is not telling you all who the people are that were featured in my latest reel. So without further ado(oh geesh), here are the names of the artists and work, in order of appearance:

1-Mizu Desierto–AmericanME
Promo for live theater performance
2-Kate Clark–A Small Disturbance
Promo for Bellevue Art Museum
3-Degenerate Art Ensemble–Underbelly
Haruko "Crow" Nishimura dancer
4-Etsuko Ichikawa–Echo at Satsop
Short Film
5-Thione Diop-Concerto for Talking Drum
From Sam Boshnack's Global Concerto Show
Promo for live theater performance
7-Etsuko Ichikawa–Echo at Satsop
Short Film
Dancer-Stephanie Lankton
9-Meshi Chavez–Rhinoceros
Dancer-Teresa Vanderkin
10-Degenerate Art Ensemble–Underbelly
Haruko "Crow" Nishimura dancer
11-DAE–Predator Songstress
Clip from film
12-DAE–Predator Songstress
Clip from live perforamnce
13-Deborah Valoma–Longing
Dancers-Victor Alexander & Yismari Ramos Tellez
14-Ahamefule J. Oluo–Now I'm Fine
Performance at On the Boards, Seattle,WA

15-Hand2Mouth Theatre-Pep Talk
Live theater performance
16-Estuko Ichikawa-Echo at Satsop
Short Film
17-Degenerate Art Ensemble–Underbelly
Haruko "Crow" Nishimura performer
18-The Silvering Path
Short Film, Mandy Greer performer
19-Midday Veil–Great Cold of the Night
Music Video Directed by Steven Miller
20-Amy Oneal–Opposing Forces
Live theater show
21-Lilienthal|Zamora–Never Finished
Installation @ Suyama Space, Seattle, WA
22-Yuri Kinoshita–Uzume
Installation @ Bellevue Art Museum
23-The Silvering Path
Short Film, Haruko Nishimura performer
24-Wobbly Dance–Waking the Green Sound
Short Film, Yulia Arakelyan performer
25-Etsuko Ichikawa–Radiating Echoes:What is Beautiful
Short Film
26-Olson Kundig–Agate Pass Cabin
Short Film
27-Crow Nishimura–Solo Practice
Short Film