It is my belief that with good documentation comes more opportunity for an artist to build a career in their discipline. Not only does it give them a way to view and critique their own work, it creates basic evidence of progression to everyone involved. This encourages new ideas.


Ian Lucero’s most recent project was a premiere at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts with the Degenerate Art Ensemble. Entitled Predator Songstress, it showcased several short films by him that were then played as part of a theater performance. Ian has collaborated on promotional and process films of northwest artists such as Etsuko Ichikawa, with whom he created a filmic poem entitled Echo at Satsop, a response to the 2011 earthquake in Japan. A more recent film Radiating Echoes, What is Beautiful, asking blind students one question, “What is beautiful to you?” premiered this past April at Jackstraw Cultural Center. His background in music have lead to projects with artists such as Holcombe Waller, Samantha Boshnack, Ahamefule J. Oluo, and others. The experimental film Waking the Green Sound: a dance film for the trees was a collaboration with Wobbly Dance members and is currently touring festivals.



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