Position: Editor
Directed by Ryan K. Adams
Written & Produced by Frances McCue
2018 / More Info

In Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, another scruffy art space is being bulldozed to make way for a mixed-use apartment building. It’s also a film about the erasure of Capitol Hill as we knew it. And about artists and writers and embalmers who once performed and worked in the building. It’s about Richard Hugo, too. And about how we love places and sometimes have to let them go.

The documentary, shot in digital, weaves together research about the building, the neighborhood, and the writers who passed through the literary organization with the personal experiences of one particular writer - Frances McCue, a co-founder of Richard Hugo House, long time producer of literary art, and one-time resident of 1634 11th Avenue.

As the film culminates with the demolition of the building, it will also grapple with the way time has reshaped the fate of the building. The ultimate note will be one of hope and appreciation.

(During production) Cinematographer, Editor of filmed elements
(During theater performances) Director of video documentation team

Artistic Direction by Crow Nishimura & Joshua Kohl
Music by Joshua Kohl & Crow Nishimura
Produced by Corey Pearlstein & Degenerate Art Ensemble
2015-Currently Touring / More Info / View Film(VOD)

Predator Songstress is an intensely visual, music-driven fantastical tale that traces the struggle of an anti-heroine in search of the reclamation of her stolen voice. This modern day fairy tale explores what it means to have a voice, to lose ones voice and to rediscover it with a new understanding of its power. The work is set in a world where the tools often used by the powerful to stifle and control are re-appropriated as means for individual realization.

The world premiere of Dictator took place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco in the Fall of 2015 and was followed by a Seattle premiere in December of 2015.  Predator Songstress was created with the support of Creative Capital, MAP Fund and New Music USA.  The work is currently in the process of tour planning for 2016 - 2018.

In conjunction with the work, Degenerate Art Ensemble collaborated with Seattle's Path With Art and San Francisco's Central City SRO Collaborative to create workshops with people recovering from homelessness to explore the power of voice in their lives.  The participants then became interviewers of the voices of the audience and the resulting stories were woven into the performance.

Position: Editor
Video link above is the full-length film

William Never Married is the feature-length debut by Seattle-based director Christian Palmer. Cinematography by Ryan Adams. Produced by Gil Ponce and Wen Marcoux for Burning Ladder LLC. Winner, Best Cinematography, 2010
Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival Tiny Mixtapes Review
#10 of Tiny Mixtapes Top 25 of 2011